About Us


'too tiny. " was founded through the frustrations of the lack of available kids clothing options that met the theme of Oversized & Gender Neutral for ages 1-5years, so it became our mission to provide accessible clothing that was not only Oversized & Gender Neutral but Comfortable, On Trend and most importantly adding Value to our families.  

Our vision is that our unique brand will bring your whole family years of wardrobe choices through our individually chosen pieces of Oversized & Gender Neutral clothing. You deserve to save money by changing the clothing pieces between your kids regardless of gender, you also deserve "On Trend" and Comfortable items that arrive in natural earthy tones and allow your kids to move freely about their world. 

Do not compromise on anything! You can have it all! 


Our small business is also New Zealand owned and operated. Run out of little old Gisborne on the East Coast. 


We welcome your reviews and inquiries so email us with any queries you may have tootinykids@gmail.com